Name Fraud? Or Simply Your Wife’s Surname?

I’ve recently added ONTD-Political to my livejournal friends list. And I’ve already found a great article to blog about! Well, it’s not so much great as incredibly depressing, really.

We all know how it works. A man and a women get married and the woman takes the mans last name. It’s pretty standard in this society. If a woman doesn’t take her husband’s name, she keeps her maiden name. Or they have a hyphenated name. For a man to take his wife’s name? Unheard of. After all, the woman is the mans property, or at least that’s where it originated, I believe. Why would he take her name?

Lazaro Dinh was initially issued a new license with his wife’s last name after presenting his 2011 marriage certificate at his local DMV office, just as newly married women are required to do when they adopt their husbands’ names.

More than a year later, he received a letter from Florida’s DMV accusing him of “obtaining a driving license by fraud” and advising him that his license would be suspended.

Why would the state of Florida assume that this mane is attempting fraud? All he is doing is taking his wife’s name by getting married. It’s certainly unusual, but I fail to see the issue here. Millions of women each year take their husbands last name when they get married, and none of them get charged with fraud.

I suppose this is just another example of gender stereotyping.


Florida man’s license restored as state drops fraud allegation


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